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Chilean import oats to TAIWAN

TAIWAN gentlemen, if you need to import oats to TAIWAN, we offer our top quality oats grown in the green fields of southern Chile, with grains carefully selected and processed under the most demanding conditions to provide our customers the highest quality.
We are a Chilean company dedicated to the production and wholesale marketing of a wide range of products, mainly groats or KDHO (kiln dried hulled oats), oatmeal, oat flakes and oat bran..

Quality is our core value. We are unique in Chile with ISO 9001 and 22000 certification, which guarantee safety and continuous improvement of our processes and quality management systems.

Our gluten-free oats in TAIWAN:

In addition, our products are certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), and we also have gluten free flakes, according to the conditions of Chilean food authorities.

We have technology and the most modern facilities in Latin America. Our concern for the environment has led us to commit ourselves to minimizing our carbon footprint.

For quotation about oats import from Chile, please write us to, detailing quantity, destiny port, if you need FOB/CFR/CIF, date of delivery and attach fact sheet (if you have).

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