Austral Granos

Only Chilean company with gluten-free oat flakes

We are proud to say that after hard work and more than a year of research and today after 7 years producing Gluten Free oats, Austral Granos is keen on keeping offering the whole range of Gluten free oats to the world. Although this cereal contains a very low rate of this protein (gluten), it is not suitable for celiac people due to cross contamination with other crops.

Our final product was approved by one of the most demanding organizations in the world; whose standard is a maximum of 3 particles per million (ppm).

The task is not easy. Requirements must be met to ensure a 100% gluten-free production - Gluten Free Rolled Oats, including seed selection, sowing in croplands where no wheat or barley has previously been planted, and a correct harvest. Moreover, the process requires a fully sanitized plant to start generating the gluten-free items.

Each batch produced is analyzed through "competitive ELISA" methodology. For more information regarding our Gluten Free Oat Flakes- Gluten Free Rolled Oats product please contact us at

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